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Samothraki - Samothrace
A mountain in the middle of the sea. An amulet in the end of Aegean. Far for the many but always near for chosen, it is the island of Big Gods. The gods of sky, nature and sea lived sometimes here and their marks are still obvious in the senses. Words can’t describe such a part. You should visit it to feel that weird sentiment that causes you and the energy that surrounds it.

  • 16th journalism council

    16th journalism council
    The municipal Council and the people of Samothrace welcome you one more time in our verdurous and very beautiful island, in border and historical Samothrace, in the homeland of winged NIKE. Sixteen years now, from 1992 they are waiting for the beginning of Summer to meet the representatives of media and the representatives of State, to express their thoughts and their sentiments, to say their problems and their complaints and to learn the causes that the concern of State does not reach easily in this extremity of Greece and when sometimes it reaches, is anaemic and weakened.
  • Samothrace

    «The island of all times, from then that volcano popped up from sea and was raised at sky and extinguished and piled and stoned, not being possible more tally to go up and become rich from metals, taps, heat and cold, black caves, pitfalls and rocks and rich from plants, sprouting unwillingly in the rich earth and gave birth the ibeces, the persons and Kabeiroys, the Big Gods, and later the Big Gods [apostasan] and was entrusted the island in Christ and in their place entered the Saints with the pictures and they popped up thousand churches and chapels in the island”.